Friday, June 30, 2006

Back from our trip!

We made it back from Branson yesterday. The trip went really well. The flights were about 3.5 hours each which is just at my limit for how long I can sit! The sleeping arrangements worked out well too. The first night G was so tired that I don't think she even stirred much. The second night went okay but she was up and raring to go by 6:45. Long day! This morning we both slept in till 10am!! I got to see one show in Branson which was nice but enough. The rest of the time we swam, played at the little playground and went out on the boat. My friend's family numbered almost 50, so G was in her element with plenty of people to get to know. Each family took turns providing supper and the second night was my friend's turn and her hubby made his specialty: Chinese. G and I were in a neck and neck race for gobbling up his chicken fried rice. I stopped after 3 plate fulls (but I was sharing it and I'm sure G ate half of it no kidding). The funniest incident was during G's nap when she managed to reach J's phone off the dresser. We were absolutely positive it was turned off because his battery was almost out. But first we heard the message tone going off and then a few minutes later the ringer went off. G had managed to reach it and turned it on and called several people. One guy called back! I know she was asleep good because she never even stirred when it rang and J keeps his phone on the loudest ringer plus vibrate. When she woke up, she was very distressed, saying "Where's my phone????"!!!!

I got my bloodwork done Tuesday. I really don't expect to hear anything unless something is abnormal. I told him it's been a while since my thyroid was tested so I'll be curious to see if that's off or not. I went and got my progesterone prescription filled and, will miracles never cease, insurance paid for it! I had to pay $10 instead of $5 because it specified the brand Prometrium instead of a generic, but I got 40 100mg pills out of it. I'll be doing them every 12 hours once I've confirmed ovulation.

I still haven't gotten around to getting on the phone with my insurance company about the HSG. I have to be in the mood to argue! But I did get the statements for the septum surgery. Almost $4000 was billed and the insurance company allowed a little over $2500 of it. They paid almost $1700, leaving me to pay $875. Not bad for surgery and considering that they don't technically cover infertility treatments!

So now it's just the waiting game for ovulation. I'm on CD10 today and I'll probably start OPKs in a couple of days. J has a 3 day trip right smack in the middle of what should be my fertile time but I've arranged with my friend JE to keep G one night so we've got it all covered. For not wanting to, I have already managed to invest a lot of hope in this cycle. I try not to think too much about the roller coaster of the last 18 months and facing the possibility of getting on it again for that long. But the fact is there. I always have hated roller coasters.

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Lorem ipsum said...

Hooray for the $875 bill! That's about the best you can hope for with surgery in our sucky pay-even-when-you're-dead health care industry system.