Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Profession

I've decided that when I have to go back to work one of these days, I'm going to become a travel agent!

My poor hubby spent almost 12 hours at the airport today and he is still in Columbus! All day long I researched flight possibilities for him and we watched as each one was canceled. Finally I decided it was not looking good for him to get out and there was no way I was going to be able to drive to get him so I called the closest airport hotel and snagged the very last room for him. At $140, it was not exactly cheap. We are accustomed to paying an airline rate of under $50 for hotel rooms. This one took my breath away but short of him sleeping in the terminal I didn't feel we really had a choice. The bad thing is that he is supposed to start a training class tomorrow to upgrade to a new position and there's no possible way he's going to make it there on time. He was so bummed out about the bust of the day. He finally got to the hotel and almost didn't get his room even though we had reserved it. But he's finally there and hopefully he will get a good night's sleep. He's going to try for a flight that leaves at 6:30 tomorrow morning and I strongly suspect that tomorrow will be a repeat of today in terms of watching them cancel flights all day.

Gotta love air travel!

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