Friday, February 02, 2007

It's Official: I'm a Failure

I went in this morning to get my one hour glucose test out of the way. I had fasted 12 hours beforehand. I failed miserably. A result of 140 is the cutoff. My number was 154. Not astonishingly high but enough to fail me. I think my midwife is somewhat concerned about the number coupled with my weight gain, however, because she wants me to go ahead and do the three hour test tomorrow or Monday at the very latest. So I have an appointment to get up bright and early tomorrow morning and be at the lab at 7am. To say I am depressed at this point is putting it mildly. I should find out the results of tomorrow's test by Monday. I guess I'll go from there.


Anonymous said...

Don't just avoid sugar. Avoid anything high in carbohydratess, (i.e. bagels, white bread, pasta, etc.) A bagel jacks my blood sugar up for two days straight. They are extremely high in carbs have 50 to 60 carbs per bagel. Try eating things that are high in fiber - they counteract the carb intake. For example, I eat 100% whole grain bread instead of regular bread or whole wheat pasta.

Obviously you need some carbs, but try to get them from naturaly resources like fruit and veggies. Just a suggestion from a diabetic.

Anonymous said...


I really can spell, but the kids ate my brain.