Thursday, February 01, 2007

26w3d Part 2

Sometimes I write the most amazing blog posts in my head. But then when I sit down to the computer I forget 90% of it. Or so it seems.

I forgot to mention that I talked to the midwife about the pain I'm having on my left side. She probed a bit to find out if the pain went deeper than surface pain. She said the gall bladder is on that side so she would be worried if I had other symptoms to go along with the pain (like nausea or vomiting). Since I don't she said it was probably just the pain of the skin stretching. She said it could also be the baby kicking, as babies can actually give you internal bruising if they're positioned just right. Wonderful: she's not even born and she's already pushing me around!

The other thing is that I went to see a movie this afternoon: Children of Men. I'm a sucker for futuristic, apocalyptic, the world is going to hell in a handbasket type of movies. This one fit the bill nicely; wasn't a bad movie but not one to write much about. It would have been impossible to watch if I was still trying to get pregnant I think.

The funniest thing was that during some of the parts that were really loud, the baby would start kicking like crazy. I don't know if she was annoyed or excited by the sounds. But she was definitely making a contribution. You know, a contribution to an internal bruise somehwere.

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