Friday, February 23, 2007


I'm sitting here filling out my "kick count" worksheet. Yesterday it took 15 minutes to get 10 movements. The midwife gave me a sheet to fill out every day to record the movements so I decided to try and be a good patient and fill it out every day. So far so good.

Two nights ago saw the return of my nemesis: the dreaded leg cramps. I read about some people who have them and describe them as uncomfortable to somewhat painful. I can only describe mine as the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced, and yes, that includes natural labor with no drugs. These things can wake me up out of deep sleep screaming in pain. The first time it happened with G my poor hubby was beside himself and I think nearly jumped out of his skin. The good thing is that he is most wonderful at helping me through them. The bad thing is that he wasn't home this time. All day Wednesday my calf muscle hurt; Thursday was a bit better. It finally worked itself out this morning. Only to be replaced by another cramp in the other leg. This is the same pattern when I was pregnant with G: I would get cramps in alternating legs every few days. I think it started later with her though. Thank goodness I've never had cramps in both legs at once as I don't think I'd be able to walk!

I started in at the swimming pool today. I don't really like to swim and I don't do it well, but I do have to admit that it's really good for the cardio. I plan to do a couple days of swimming followed by a day on the bike to hopefully keep up my muscle tone.

Only 6 minutes today to get my 10 kicks in!

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Christina said...

That's pretty good for kick counts - sounds like an active baby!

I had my glucose screen test yesterday, and the baby loved the sugar rush! She was all over the place in there!

No advice on the leg cramps. I don't tend to get them, but I get horrible sciatic nerve pain in my hips instead. It makes sleeping difficult.