Thursday, February 01, 2007


Had another midwife appointment today. I was holding my breath on my glucose urine test. Fortunately it was negative today, probably thanks to the bagel I had rather than cherrios and OJ. She gave me the paperwork for the 1 hour glucose test and I plan to do that tomorrow. I have tried to avoid sugar today and I won't eat anything for the next 12 hours.

One thing I was worried about was my weight gain. With this appointment, I have now gained 30#. The midwife didn't comment so before the appt was over I asked her if I should be concerned about it. She showed me a chart where they graph weight gain. Up until now I've been within the two lines of acceptable weight gain. This time I was above the upper limit. But she said she wasn't too concerned as many women have a "growth spurt" around this time and tend to level out. I'll be seeing her every two weeks from now on so she said she will be keeping an eye on it. A lot will hinge on the results of the glucose test as well.

Other than that, the visit was pretty routine. She was in the midst of a delivery so I had to go see her at the hospital which is right next to her office location. It was rather nice as I got to see the facility which just opened last year. I decided against taking the prenatal class there so I guess I probably won't get a formal tour of the facility. But I may see if my nurse friend that works there can get me in sometime so I'll know exactly what I'm in for.

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Lyrehca said...

Actually, a bagel is usually filled with carbohydrate and would have the same effect on your blood sugar as Cheerios and OJ. Congrats on a good GD test so far.