Saturday, February 03, 2007

Always Waiting

Pulled myself out of bed this morning at a little before 7am. I am so not an early riser. Especially when it's single digit temps outside. I made it to the lab a few minutes after 7 but they didn't get to me until 7:30. The test itself wasn't too bad. I was mostly just tired from not having slept well last night. I hope it's a good sign that at the end of the test I felt mostly normal, albeit hungry. I never did get that shaky feeling or anything. My fasting level was 88 which the nurse said was perfect. I hope it's a good indicator. My first two blood draws were by the "good" nurse. The last two were by the.... let's just say the other nurse. My arms still ache, two hours later. I'm afraid to take the tape off and examine the bruises.

Thanks to everyone who pointed out that my choice of bagels, while low in sugar, was definitely not low in carbs. After reading a bit yesterday I realized that our family's diet, while consisting of a good portion of fruits and veggies, is still very high in carbs. Cutting out the sweets would be fairly easy for me. Cutting down on white bread and regular pasta would be challenging. My hat off to all you who live with diabetes and other illnesses that require close regulation of diet.

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