Monday, February 12, 2007

28 Weeks

Is it April yet???!!! This morning I got up and spent about 2 hours doing some shopping. Then I came home and unloaded all the groceries and put them away. Then I sat down for a while and experienced my first Braxton-hicks. That was a first for me. I never had them with G and I always wondered what they felt like. The day progressed with having to do way more than I bargained for. Here I sit at the end of the day totally exhausted and wishing it was May. I had a few more BH throughout the day and my varicose veins are really making themselves felt.

Okay, enough complaining. J has been having a lot of fun recently feeling the baby move. Yesterday I actually think she kicked one of my ribs; it's still sore. With G, I could never really imagine a baby being the source of all the kicks and jabs. This time around it's much easier for me to imagine a real baby in there.

J and I talked for a long time last night, discussing various name possibilities. With G, there was never a question of her first name: she is named after J's twin sister. Her middle name just sort of fell into place; we never really debated it. This time around I've had the middle name picked out since before the beginning. But we're lacking a first name. It's actually rather fun to throw out possibilities and find out why J likes certain names above others. I've read lots of opinions about whether or not to announce names beforehand. Some people say that if you pick a certain name and tell people before, someone will always be putting the name down and find things not to like about it. Whereas if you keep it a secret and introduce your baby with the name, it just goes better. A couple weeks ago I told my Mom the name that I was favoring and she immediately shot it down. Lesson learned. Since we know it's a girl, we're going to keep the name a secret.

I have a midwife appointment tomorrow. J and G are going with me for the first time. I think he went to almost all my appointments with G. This poor second kid is already getting the short stick! We're supposed to get dumped on by snow tomorrow and J has to get to the airport to go to work. I'm not really looking forward to driving in what I'm sure will be a mess tomorrow.

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Christina said...

How funny - we also have a middle name picked out for baby #2, but no first name! It was so easy with Cordy, but this one is proving tough.

And Aaron has yet to make it to a single doctor's appt. this time. His new job doesn't give him the flexibility that he had previously, so I have to go on my own.

Are you enjoying the snow? Cordy's already sick, so combined with the snow, it's a perfect day for not going to work.