Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Much Ado About Nothing

The good news is that I was able to take a nice hot shower yesterday. We seemed to have fixed the hot water heater problem but my gut instinct is that little hands were not the problem in fiddling with the heater. I suspect the 13 year old appliance that is only supposed to last 8-10 years is probably on its way out. I'm really tempted to go ahead and replace it with a more energy efficient one. I'll probably put our tax refund to use for this. I did research yesterday and was really interested in the tankless models but soon decided that the installation costs would be too much of an unknown for this old house. So I'm going to stick with an old fashioned tank model. The government may start giving Energy Star ratings to heaters in the spring so hopefully ours will hold out till then.

I'm going to tell you something that will probably make you groan and roll your eyes: I finished my taxes last night. Okay, I'll qualify: I'm still waiting for a W2 form and I just finished filling out the paperwork to send to my tax planner. Last year she had my return done by the 15th of February and I had my refund a week later. I'm looking forward to the same scenario this year.

My hubby got a new position in his company recently. Same crappy schedules but he'll get paid more (not sure how much more). He also decided to take the plunge and put in his application with a start up airline based here in Columbus. That part scares and excites me at the same time. If he took a job there he'd be home every night at probably about the same pay as he gets now. But it's a start-up that may well fail within a year or two. The other thing that concerns me about his timing is if he leaves his current company before the baby comes. I worry about insurance problems and also about the timing of having him home at the right time. I guess time will tell!


Christina said...

I just received our last W-2, so I'm only in the beginning of starting our taxes. I'm hoping for a nice refund this year, but for some reason so far it looks like we're not getting as much back this year.

And I hear you about worrying about jobs and health insurance. My husband works for the State of Ohio - you'd think that would be a secure job. But his agency is under scrutiny, and possibly the chopping block, by the new governor (we thought we liked him!). So while it is an unlikely event, there is the possibility he could lose his job by April, a month before the new baby.

We never worried so much about jobs like this before we had kids!

Anonymous said...

I did my taxes day before yesterday. I'm all about filing online. I was just waiting on my W-2. I was so relieved to get them done. I always start entering things mid-January. I'm like you.

We are getting the best refund ever. My working part-time from home paid off a little I guess. It put us in a lower tax bracket, but I sure do miss my regular income!