Monday, January 22, 2007

25 Weeks

Sleeping has gotten more and more difficult the last few weeks. Or, should I say, getting comfortable is getting progressively more difficult. I have an area under my left breast that, by the end of the day, aches considerably. I've tried several different bras and one seems to make it slightly better but nothing alleviates it completely. When I lay down on my left side the area goes numb which is really annoying. I had the same problem with G and the diagnosis was just that it was my anatomy. Unfortunately this time it showed up earlier and is lasting longer.

I finally noticed the linea negra the other day. I hadn't noticed it before because I can only see it when I look in the mirror and my body image is such that I just don't have a desire to do that very often.

I am happy to report that I am making great progress in cleaning out the nursery. The biggest problem that had me paralyzed was what to do with all the clothes. Not only do I have G's outgrown clothes, but I have a fair amount of clothes for her in larger sizes that I pick up occasionally at garage sales and thrift stores. I would love to have the space and funds to be able to put them all in plastic boxes but I finally admitted that that just wasn't going to happen. So I opted for plastic trash bags. I have about 10 bags for the clothes up to 24 months sitting in the nursery. Looks tacky but we'll clear them out pretty quickly. The rest are in a closet in G's room our of sight.

Having gotten a handle on all those clothes, I'm now left with infant gear and lots of cloth diapers. Last night after having gotten all the clothes put away, I plopped down in the glider for a while and allowed myself to remember how it was rocking G there and imagine (just for a moment) what it would be like to rock another one there.

I'll post more pictures of the nursery in progress later. I'll also post a picture of the cloth diapers that fit newborns. They are so cute and it reminds me how quickly one forgets how small a baby is!


Josefina said...

Well, despite the name I think it's pretty cool to have that "linea negra" or black line LOL....

Congratulations on your progress cleaning the nursery, I'm sure it'll be perfect for when the little baby's born!

Christina said...

I haven't noticed a linea negra this time around, although I'm getting a lot more stretch marks down low now.

Good for you for cleaning the nursery! We haven't even begun the process of changing the junk room into a bedroom. We have to get Cordy to give up her crib, for one thing. But we plan to keep the new baby in our room for the first month or two, so we'll have a little extra time.

And I have no idea where to start with sorting the baby clothes. I don't even remember where all of it is.