Friday, January 19, 2007

More Potty Talk

I said previously that I'm not a competitive person. So why then, when I read this entry on dooce where she mentions that Leta is still in diapers (Leta is just a few weeks older than G) did I feel this surge of triumph? Yes! Her child is still in diapers and mine is already potty training. Silly, but that's what I thought. Especially since Leta has done everything just a few weeks ahead of G all along (as it should be!).

Speaking of which, G is getting pretty good at the potty thing and she is slowly developing the ability to "hold" it. Tonight I noticed for the first time her doing a little dance and then she reached for her crotch. I asked if she needed to pee and her face brightened up and she yelled "Yes" as she ran off to the potty. Now we just have to work on the finer aspects such as pulling down one's pants and wiping.

Also speaking of toilets, we were watching a movie in the basement last Sunday when I started to hear an ominous dripping sound. We finally traced it to the pipe that leads from the downstairs toilet to the main sewer line. A flush of said toilet unleashed a torrent of water. The plumber came today and, amidst much shaking of his head, finally decided a course of action which involves ripping up lots of rotten wood in the bathroom and attempting to saw through a very, terribly corroded pipe at a critical juncture. If we're lucky the pipe won't crumble there. If we're not.... well, he didn't want to attempt an estimate of what that would entail; he just said we'd be talking a lot more money. Which reminds me that he left without giving us an estimate of what we'll pay if our luck holds. In the end we decided against putting the bathroom floor back together; we'll save that tiling or flooring project (and the associated expense) for another day. Which means that we'll have bare wood around the potty but at least we'll have a working potty and I won't be running up and down the stairs a dozen times a day.

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SaraS-P said...

Ick... I hate it when plumbing goes wrong! I hope it doesn't cost too much!

That's great that G is starting to get into potty training.