Tuesday, October 17, 2006

11w1d: Doubts Creep In

Confession: my last ultrasound coasted me for a mere 8 days. I probably won't have another one for several months. How in the world will I cope? You see, today was a pretty good day. I took my portion of lunch and split it in half. I ate one half for lunch and then the other half a few hours later. I haven't felt sick all day. I felt up to skipping my nap today and doing the grocery shopping instead. Then I came home and cooked dinner. Yes, I actually cooked for the first time in two months. I feel fairly certain I'll be able to make it till at least 9:30 tonight before crashing. That's what I'm shooting for anyway. So all this good karma has gotten me focused, of course, on why things are so good at the moment. You know, I don't think getting out of the first trimester is going to do anything at all for my mental state. Making it to 9 months..... maybe.


SaraS-P said...

the second trimester is an important first step toward making the full 9 months. I am hoping for successful transition to this next step for you.

Josefina said...

I didn't know your next u/s would be so far away from now...but isn't there a chance that they can check you for example at 14- 15 weeks? or something like that...just to be sure!!

Anyway, maybe it could be a good idea to focus on shorter milestones:
1) 1º trimester
2) then, for example, next u/s
3) then (or before, whatever comes first), when the baby starts kicking
4) then, 6 months (babies are supposed to be viable from that time on...28 weeks I think??)
5) then you can focus on 9 months, but I think by that time, your worries will be much less!!!

that way you won't have to wait so long to allow yourself to relax! And there's always the doppler to help you out in "worrying crisis"!!!

oh well, and of course, 2º trimester is when you're supposed to feel great, so don't worry if symptoms are decreasing, I think that's good!!!!

Hang on and keep us posted about anything you want to share, we're here!!!