Monday, October 09, 2006

10 Week Ultrasound

Great report from the ultrasound today. Baby is measuring almost 32 cm which is 10w1d according to this table. On the machine you could clearly see the baby's fingers and toes. But of course none of the printed pictures came out that well. This is the best one; the baby is looking straight on into the camera as it were. You can see the fingers on the right hand and you can just make out the left hand. The baby's legs are bent and look more like several little blobs. The baby was moving around quite a bit.

I wish I could say that I feel totally at ease now; totally accepting of this pregnancy. That would be a lie though. But I do feel better, mentally and physically at this moment. Next step: schedule the midwife appointment.


Tendersoul said...

I know you are tired and being worried on top of it just magnifies things. I still think it's the fatigue that makes a woman moody, not the hormones!

Still with you and enjoying your u/s pics.

Josefina said...

Hey, isn't that 32 MM???? because 32 cm is 2/3 of the length they have at birth! LOL!!
Anyway, I can clearly spot the baby's arms and legs!!!
I hope you can relax a little more, anyway I'd be just like you, but well, good luck! 2 more weeks to be "off the (worrying) hook"!!!