Monday, October 16, 2006

11 Weeks

Okay, I'll admit it: every time I roll over to a new "week" I think "gee, I didn't think I'd make it this far". Every day that passes makes me just a little more secure in the pregnancy. But I'd be lying if I said I never went to the bathroom expecting blood or if I said that I can look into next year and imagine actually having a baby.

Biggest news: I'm done with my progesterone! One night last week I was getting ready for bed and something kept nagging me; I kept thinking there was something important that I'd forgotten to do. Just as I was climbing into bed I realized that I had forgotten to do the progesterone. I will so not miss doing that. I am proud to say that not once did I drop one of those little 1/4" round balls into the toilet.

I'm too big for my regular clothes but none of my maternity pants really fit. I was lucky enough to find a pair of pants in the juniors department at Target the other day that actually fits. And I think they will continue to fit throughout the pregnancy. Unfortunately they only had one color that I was interested in. I've gained about 5 pounds so far which is rather more than I had wanted. With G I gained almost 40# total and I had hoped to keep it closer to 30 this time. We'll see. Over the course of the last few weeks my boobs have gone from barely filling an A cup to comfortably fitting in a C! I've never minded being flat-chested so actually having to wear a bra is not exactly a comfortable feeling for me.

Last night I found the baby's heartbeat for a few seconds with the doppler. Can't tell you how good that sounded.

I finally was able to get an appointment with the midwife but not until 13 weeks. I had to work around J's schedule so that I don't have to take G to that first appointment. One of the things I like about their office is that they have a separate play-room for kids so I shouldn't have to work around anything for future appointments. But I figure the first one will take longer with paperwork and such.

The worst of my nausea is gone (knock on wood). Now, usually in the late afternoons through the early evening, I just feel like I have a yucky stomach. It's still hard for me to find things to eat though. And I got so out of the habit of cooking the last 6 weeks or so that it's going to take some doing to get back into it.

Next week is my and J's 10th wedding anniversary! This weekend my good friend is taking G starting Friday night through Sunday! We are looking forward to going out on the town and remembering what life was like before having a child.


BBC said...

Wow! Time is flying by. It is so wonderful that you are almost out of the first trimester -- just 2 weeks to go!

I am thrilled for you K.

Josefina said...

Well, 11 weeks!! you're almost almost there!!! I hope things continue to get better!!

And congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! I hope you have a great time! It's a nice distraction to get out of this first trimester!!!