Thursday, April 19, 2007


I woke up this morning to see a small spot of blood on my pad and a little more when I wiped. I never thought the red stuff could be so exciting! When I told the midwife about it plus the fact that I have been having mild contractions all week, she said she wanted to check me again. Last week I was 3cm but not at all effaced. This week I'm almost 4cm and 50% effaced. She said she didn't feel my waters bulging so she doesn't think they'll break anytime soon but the Group B Strep makes it much more likely that the water will break before real labor sets in. She said she wouldn't be surprised if I delivered this weekend but it could be just as likely that it might be a week or two. But the good news is that I'm almost through the "latent" phase of labor. The active phase is 4-10cm. So I'm supposed to call her when the contractions are 5-6 minutes apart and are strong enough for me to have to stop what I'm doing. Or if my water breaks. She said if my water breaks at this point it would not be a big deal - it would probably be the thing to jump start real labor. So after all this time of hoping labor didn't start that way, I now find myself hoping that's what happens! J is off on a trip today and then plans to spend several days in Memphis working on some stuff. He assures me he's just a phone call and airplane ride away but I am so stressed that he might not make it in time.

So even with all this I find myself still waiting. But I am at least a little more hopeful that the wait might not be much longer.


Josefina said...

I must admit that the words "red spot" scared me for just a second...I think I still can't hear "spot" without shivering...
But now, OMG!!!! things are starting to get going!!!

When I read "this weekend" I couldn't believe it!! this weekend! that's tomorrow!!!

Please, if you're able to, post a short "I'm having contractions every 5-6 minutes" to know!!!

Good luck! I'm sure hubby will be home on time!!!

Christina said...

How exciting! I'd be nervous if my husband was out of state, but at least yours has connections to get home quickly if needed!

I'm hoping that my doctor will check next week to see if my cervix has started to change any. Now that she's head down, I'm ready to get this baby out.

Here's hoping you go into labor soon!