Saturday, April 07, 2007


All my bags are packed
I'm ready to go.

Yup, the hospital bags are packed and ready to go. It feels so surreal to look at the corner of my room and see them sitting there. So, here's what I packed in case anyone is looking for a packing list:

For Baby
I basically just packed the diaper bag with:

  • a few diapers (the hospital provides diapers but it is a diaper bag after all!)
  • wipes (for some reason most hospitals don't provide these and changing a yucky meconium diaper with a wet paper towel is not fun)
  • hat
  • "coming home" outfit (basically the smallest footed pajamas I have)
  • a couple of newborn size onsies (probably won't be needed but they are something I will keep in the diaper bag anyway)
  • socks
  • mittens
  • a couple of blankets
  • the car seat. I know - you're supposed to install this beforehand but for some strange reason I'm just really not ready to drive around with it empty right now.

My Bag

    2 nursing nightgowns
    a robe
    a nursing shirt to wear home
    nursing bra
    several pairs of socks
    Lansinoh (with G I didn't start using this for several days. This time I plan to start using it right off the bat. It helps immensely but I think the trick is stopping the chapping before it starts)
    breast pads
    stuff to keep my hair out of my face
    some pairs of old underwear
    shirt to wear in the jacuzzi
    birth plan (the midwife has one in her files but this one I will hand to the nurses when I come in so everyone can be on board with what I want up front)
    nitelight (the hospital where I had G had a nightlight type lamp but some places don't, making middle of the night feedings challenging. I have a rechargeable flashlight that has a nightlight setting that I plan to take just in case)
    my ipod and speaker set (I changed my mind about taking music. The doula convinced me that it couldn't hurt to bring it)
    shower shoes
    walking the halls shoes that I don't mind getting dirty
    phone charger

That's it. I left out the bottle of wine. Since we only live about 5 minutes from the hospital, I decided I can always send someone home to get it if I decide I need it. Of course, there are some last minute things that I can't pack yet (like my hairbrush and my cameras). I have a very detailed list about these items and exactly where they are in case I'm not the one grabbing them.

The only other thing I'm thinking about is a gift for G when she comes to visit. I'm thinking about getting her something like a cabbage patch doll and having my friend who is a delivery room nurse there bring it in in a bassinet just like the real baby. I think it will help her to have her "own" baby to do stuff on when she can't actually do it on the real baby. She is really into that stage where she wants to help me on everything and gets very frustrated when she's not capable of doing something.


Anonymous said...

You are so prepared. I was so UNprepared!

Does the hospital give you a carseat?

Wow. You've come a long way, kid. :)

SaraS-P said...

It's getting so close! Good luck!

3carnations said...

How exciting!

The hospital doesn't provide wipes? That's just odd.