Monday, April 16, 2007

37 Weeks: Home Stretch

Wow! 37 weeks. It was a mere 7 weeks ago that I made a trip to L&D with mild contractions and all the angst of possible pre-term labor. Where has the time gone?! Someone told me the other day that my pregnancy has passed very quickly for them but it probably didn't seem that way to me. Looking at the day to day perspective, it seems to creep by. But if I think about where I've been, it seems so quick! It's been almost a year since May 1 of last year when I had my HSG that diagnosed my septum. May 26 of last year was when I had surgery to correct it. And now here I am, about to have the baby that resulted from all that. Wow!

My BH and contractions have really tapered off but this morning I'm having a lot more discharge. Every little sign and symptom gets paid a lot of attention! But, I've been informed by both my hubby and SIL that I'm not allowed to have the baby this week. SIL is off at a medical conference for the week. J wants to get a bunch of stuff done this week and out of the way. So I guess I'm supposed to just hold my breath and hope for the best! I promised them both that I wouldn't do anything to try and bring on labor this week.


SaraS-P said...

Where has the time gone? Good luck! Maybe we'll be reading a birth story soon!

Josefina said...

Wow everything's so exciting right now!
You must be so anxious, but so happy!

Now that you mentioned your HSG, time has surely gone by quickly! I can't believe that was a year ago!!

Well, I hope everyhing goes ok, I'm sure it will, and please keep us informed!

Christina said...

Birth-time is coming up fast, isn't it? I'm hoping to find out this week that this baby is head down, so I can just focus on getting ready.

Did you know about the Three Bags Full consignment sale this weekend? I'm going and hoping to get some of the remaining items we need.