Monday, December 11, 2006

19 Weeks

One of my humorous tickers said this morning: "Only 20 more weeks until Mommy can enjoy a margarita.... or five". Yeah, right on course. I remember joking with J before G was born that we should bring a bottle of wine to the hospital to celebrate. We didn't but I finally got a glass just a few days after G was born. Wine never tasted so good. This time I'm serious about bringing wine. Or at least something alcoholic. The sad part is that my wine stash is seriously depleted right now and can one reasonably buy several cases of wine with a big huge belly? So I'm dropping big hints to J as to what this year's gifts should be.

I've pretty much lost my belly button. There is no mistaking by anyone now that this is a pregnant belly. Being only barely halfway through, it scares me to think how big this one is going to be. With G, I hid my condition at work until I was more than 6 months along. No chance of that this time!

I will be turning 38 on Sunday. That's getting awfully close to 40. I don't feel almost 40. I thought almost-40-year-olds were supposed to feel really mature and able to handle anything. I suppose that's what my kids will think about me. If they only knew!

I am looking forward to the ultrasound on Thursday with an equal mix of anticipation and dread. I feel some movement but not as much as I would like to. I'm hoping they'll tell me it's just because of the location of my placenta.


Josefina said...

I'm glad things continue to go well!!!
And I'm sure the ultrasound is going to be great! About the movements, I'm not sure but I think they shouldn't be that intense yet....
Good luck!!
Oh and I'm sorry about your computer problem! but at least it wasn't something soo terrible!!

BBC said...

I am glad all is going well!

Wine or champagne to celebrate woukd be nice! I have been thinking the same. Would I get disapproving looks from the nurses because of breastfeeding??

SaraS-P said...

Good luck for Thursday!